Here what some of our teachers have to say and their experiences

Sonia Gonzalez

How did you find out about the SJVWP? 

Dr. Carol Bohlin advised me to apply.  She spoke very highly of the program.

What made you want take part in SJWP?

I had been teaching for 15 years, I needed something to take me in a different direction to not only inspire me, but also be able to take new ideas to my students.

How long have you been a part of SJVWP?

It will be one year in June.

Which of the programs/resources that SJVWP offers have you been a part of? 

The teachers that did the program with me continue to share all the resources they use.   SJVWP provides us with full support from Dr. Juliet Wahleithner.

How has your experience with SJVWP been? 

The beauty of being a part of SJVWP is that you always feel connected to the program.  Honestly, once you do the program, it seems like you will forever have a family that supports you throughout the journey of teaching.   

How has your teaching style changed since you joined SJVWP? 

 Being a part SJVWP changed my teaching style completely.  It taught me how to analyze the data to drive the direction of learning. It also taught me the value of reading research based articles to stay informed of what should be taught to students.   Which leads to my last take away from this program was in order to insure success for all students in the classroom, I learned through Kelly Gallagher “that you have to know stuff to read stuff.  If you don’t know stuff, reading becomes narrow. You really need to read stuff to write stuff. Solution flood the students with literature. Increase volumes of reading and writing, have choices, and model using mentor texts.” 

Why would you recommend SJVWP to other teachers or professionals?

I would recommend this program to other teachers/professionals because it also lets you as the teacher rediscover who you are as a writer.  It teaches you the importance of writing by supporting you with resources with discussions of current research and current lessons shared by colleagues that could used by you as the teacher.  

Any other comments you want to mention or say about the program that wasn’t a question?

Dr. Juliet Wahleithner, became my advisor for my masters project.  That’s how important this program was to me. It connected me to an amazing ad visor, but someone who I truly feel will always support me in my educational journey as a student and teacher.

Here is a video testimonial from Patricia Renfro, A teacher with the program and a History Social Science teacher at Edison High school. She has been teacher for more than 15 years, she participated in our Summer Institute in 2014 and has been a part of the program ever since!

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